# TempleOS Color Palette


TempleOS uses CGA color palette. 00. #000000 (Black) 01. #0000AA (Blue) 02. #00AA00 (Green) 03. #00AAAA (Cyan) 04. #AA0000 (Red) 05. #AA00AA (Magenta) 06. #AA5500 (Brown) 07. #AAAAAA (Light Gray) 08. #555555 (Dark Gray) 09. #5555FF (Light Blue) 10. #55FF55 (Light Green) 11. #55FFFF (Light Cyan) 12. #FF5555 (Light Red) 13. #FF55FF (Light Magenta) 14. #FFFF55 (Yellow) 15. #FFFFFF (White) And I converted my images with this palette. Here is my changed script: `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` #!/usr/local/bin/rc palette = $HOME/.config/palette.bmp res=640x480 switch($#*){ case 2 input=$1 output=$2 format=`{echo $output | sed 's/^*.//'} convert -define $format':'$res $input -resize $res'!' -background white -alpha remove -alpha off -strip -compress None -quality 100 -dither None -remap $palette $output case * echo 'res $input $output' } `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` I fixed the resolution not to worry about it. I use *.bmp, but if you use the palette image on this page, use palette.png instead. To explain more, '-background white -alpha remove -alpha off' is t o remove transparency. '-strip' is to remove the metadata. To dith er, imagemagick has only 3 options: None, FloydSteinberg, Riemersm a. Riemersma sucks. It generates uneven noise. So FloydSteinberg i s the only option. Add: I don't dither anymore. And $res'!' forces the resolution by dismissing the aspect ratio.