# Magia Record S3


QB won. Almost everyone died. The revolution failed. I don't blame Iroha though. I think the problem of Magius was that they were radical. They wanted only a revolution. Ideologically, I roha was not really against Magius. She just wanted Ui and Peace. She was diplomatic. This could make the result of the game, a peac eful reform rather than a violent revolution. The problem was Yachiyo. She was anti-Magius from the start, just because Mifuyu left her for Magius. Her morality was black and whi te. Since Magius did something wrong for the end, she thought ever ything about Magius should be wrong. She was aggressive. She thoug ht the only way is to destroy Magius. Because of her, Magius had t o go more brutal, and everyone in Mikazuki villa became anti-Magiu s. Mifuyu's role was notable. In fact, she is my favorite character s ince the first season. She wanted a reform, rather than a revoluti on. So she worked hard to mediate. When SHTF, she even sacrificed herself with Momoko to save everyone. That destroyed the plan of M agius, but I don't blame her. I think she is the most underrated c haracter in this series. For Kuroe, I don't think we actually needed her. Shaft messed up s ome episodes. If they used the time for other things, it could be better.