# Links2 Is Good


Since I stoped using JS/CSS, I realized that I don't have to use f irefox on regular basis. So I searched some alternatives. Then I f ound that links2 can display images. And it works on both X11 and framebuffer. After configuring, it became almost an ideal browser. In my opinio n, it is even better than Netsurf and Surf. Some good points: 1. It works like a terminal browser while it can be graphical. If you try once, you will immediately know what I mean. It supports a mouse while you can use it only with a keyboard. 2. It is REALLY fast. It has small memory footprint too. 3. You can use UTF-8. Just change fonts to display characters. 4. You can use RGB colorspace. Not sRGB. 5. You can set Tor as a proxy. You can use DNS over HTTPS. You can fake the browser as a firefox. You can spoof referer. 6. It supports "New Window". And the close key is Ctrl + c! For ta bs, you can use "tabbed" by Suckless. 7. You can toggle HTML / Plain text. 8. You can use custom color scheme. and so on. This browser is so much underrated. Maybe it's because you have to be autistic enough to realize its worth. It is a really good brows er though. I'm going to use it as my main browser.