# It Seems I Really Like INFJ


Tor Clearnet Yet another INFJ... Hakase Fuyuki took a MBTI test and got INFJ. It was 16 Personaliti es so I don't fully trust the result though. It seems that VTubers who I watch nowadays are almost INFJs. I don 't know. I watch them just because they are comfy to watch. But ac cidentally over half of them were INFJs. The result surprised me because she is the only Nijisanji VTuber I watch these days. Because I don't like Nijisanji as a company. And I cut off my VTuber watching because I thought the internet sucks. To say about INFJ personality type itself, they are inspirational thinkers. Unlike INTJ, their ideas are more applicable too. Compar e Schopenhauer (INFJ) vs Nietzsche (INTJ). Or Guenon (INFJ) vs Evo la (INTJ) for example. They use refined logic, but their ideas (or frameworks) are not hard and thick like INTJ's. So you can easily modify their ideas by yourself. You can modify Hegel's (INTJ) dial ectics, but I think there are limitations. However, I really don't like that INFJs often smell totalitarianis m. Think of Plato (INFJ), Jesus (INFJ), Marcus Aurelius (INFJ), Da nte (INFJ), Tolstoy (INFJ), Carl Jung (INFJ), Peter Singer (INFJ). I'm not against they being altruists. Altruists are often brain-de ad, but they are usually effective altruists. I really respect tha t. But although I can't describe exactly, there is definitely a to talitarian odor from them. Even an anarchist Noam Chomsky (INFJ) s mells that odor too. Thus while I think their ideas are really gre at, I have to remove that odor. I like INFJ anyway, though.